Professional Details

Samuel G. Fogas


Sam is a trial attorney, litigator, and advisor. His practice focuses on handling high-stakes trials and litigation in any forum as well as providing outside corporate/general counsel services. He represents companies and individuals in sports, entertainment, real estate, advertising, technology, life sciences, and other industries in business and tort cases.

Sam recently completed a six-week jury trial for luxury real estate developer Mohamed Hadid in which the jury completely vindicated Mr. Hadid in a decade-long dispute with neighbors over the development of a residence at 901 Strada Vecchia Road in Bel Air. Sam also recently second chaired a 10-day arbitration on behalf of a telematics development company against a public international distribution company in which the team obtained a $40 million award on behalf of the client.

In his free time, Sam enjoys giving back to his community, including as an active member of the Surfrider Foundation and as a mentor to law students and pre-law students. Sam is also an avid surfer, hiker, and gardener.  

Representative Matters

  • Trial counsel to Mohamed Hadid in six-week, multimillion dollar jury trial in Los Angeles County against neighbor-plaintiffs.
  • Second chair trial counsel representing plaintiff telematics development company in 10-day $40 million arbitration against its primary distributor; obtained $40 million award.
  • Trial counsel to plaintiff professional boxer against television network and promoter in action for breach of promotional and broadcast agreements in federal court.
  • Trial counsel to defendant professional boxer against promoter in action for breach of promotional agreement in federal court.
  • Lead negotiator negotiating separation agreement on behalf of executive against advertising company.
  • Outside general counsel team for Los Angeles Angels Baseball Club handling all legal matters on behalf of team.
  • Former general counsel team for professional boxer handling all legal matters on behalf of boxer.



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