Product Liability

The Theodora Oringher Product Liability Practice Group has considerable experience representing clients in high-stakes and complex litigation.

Major corporations faced with considerable potential exposure in often incredibly complex matters seek out our attorneys' expertise and breadth of experience.

Theodora Oringher has served as national counsel for leading tire manufacturers and for several swimming pool and pool-related equipment manufacturers in regards to hundreds of product liability matters throughout the country.  We have previously served as local counsel for a leading petroleum refiner in over a dozen cases in California with respect to groundwater contamination by MTBE.

Few law firms our size have the level of trial experience and expertise to handle such a wide range of product liability litigation. Our unique collection of attorneys — many of whom are from prominent national and international firms where they handled product liability matters of the highest stakes and complexity — allows Theodora Oringher to bring an unparalleled degree of expertise and sophistication to bear on the range of issues that companies face in product liability litigation. The following list is a sample of products and industries that illustrates our broad-ranging experience:

  • Tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Machine guards — light curtains and press control systems
  • Large industrial equipment — blasters and sanders
  • After-market modified vehicles — cranes and bucket trucks
  • Forklifts
  • Pollution control instruments
  • Pest control products
  • Meat processing
  • Lawn equipment
  • Swimming pools and related equipment — diving boards, slides, liners, filters, and ladders
  • Tobacco
  • Lead paint
  • Gasoline additives
  • Medical devices — wheelchairs
  • Pharmaceuticals