Class Actions

The Theodora Oringher Class Actions Practice Group is well-versed in handling all aspects of class action litigation, whether our clients are on the plaintiff or defense side.

We have defended class action lawsuits alleging a broad spectrum of legal theories including large-scale data breach cases, consumer fraud class actions, wage and hour violations, and securities fraud cases in state and federal courts for clients spanning diverse industries.  On the defense side, we are known for defining the scope of potential liability early in the litigation before substantial legal expenses are incurred and to map out a defense strategy with the client that will achieve the most cost-effective result under the particular case circumstances.  But we also represent plaintiffs with righteous causes in the consumer and personal injury arena.

Whether on the plaintiff or defense side, we can and deploy our deep experience in handling all phases of class action litigation, including precertification hearing discovery, class certification motions and hearings, mediations and negotiating favorable settlements, obtaining court approval of class settlements, and when the climate is not right for a settlement, we do not hesitate to try and win these cases before judges and juries.